Useful Links

Food safety is extremely important in California. The restaurants and hotels in California must ensure that the food they serve meet the food standards in California. All the restaurants must have a food handler card by law. Here are some of the useful links regarding food safety.

California Department of Public Health


In order to improve the consumer’s health, it is prohibited to falsely advertise a product. Investigations are carried out to make sure that the food being advertised meets the scientific and legal requirements. This site is dedicated to providing communication, cooperation and education regarding food safety. Here you will find information about different kinds of food licenses and certifications that can be obtained; types of allergens; hazardous effects of certain foods; the laws and regulations regarding food, etc.

California Food Handlers


This is the official site for eFoodhandlers testing and training in California. The site is dedicated to providing affordable education on food safety throughout U.S. You can join the training program even if you don’t have the money to pay the fees. The training program is open to everyone form workers in restaurants to students and the general public. The aim of this training is to prevent the occurrence of any food-borne illness.

Safe Food California


It is a conference that will be held on April this year. It is an event offering education, training and networking on safe food consumption. In this conference, the industry experts will gather and discuss about new ideas regarding food safety. The latest trends about food quality practices will also be discussed.

Training Achievement Program Series


A number of certifications are available on food safety. Food Safety Manager, alcohol training and basic cooking classes are held. These certifications will help you in future in getting a good job.

Safe Food


In this website you will find different topics related to food safety and healthy eating. You will learn how to clean, cook and store food properly. You will also learn about the different food allergens and food poisoning issues. This is a great website to get educated about food safety.

All these sites are very helpful in promoting food safety across California and other places. If you haven’t taken a food safety course yet, then you should participate in one of these training programs.