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Attorney for Food Poisoning Personal Injury

Attorney for Food Poisoning Personal Injury

One question we get asked a lot is what legal recourse do I have if I am injured as a result of the food I consume.

Here, we are all about safety, and food safety specifically. However, if you are injured as a result of food poisoning, then you first need to contact a doctor or maybe even the emergency room.

Once your health is safe and in stable condition, then it is time to begin thinking about contacting a personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case.

One of our favorites is Sigmon Law, PLLC – Personal Injury Attorneys.

You can easily befriend this personal injury lawyer on Facebook, or just check out one of his videos there.

What Kind of Lawyer Helps Food Poisoning Victims?

There are a few different types of lawyers that you would want to talk to in this situation. However, it would be best to start with a trial lawyer, often called a personal injury lawyer. Depending on how serious the injury is, you may want to call a wrongful death law firm, or just call any accident attorney in your city and see if they can recommend a specialist.