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4 most successful real estate agents in California

4 most successful real estate agents in California

As California is a great place to live, many people shift here from other states every year. The real estate business here is always booming. Some real estate agents have been very successful and have been reigning the industry for many years. The 4 most successful real estate agents in California are mentioned below.

Mauricio Umansky, founder of The Agency


He is known as the ‘Househusband of Beverly Hills’. He is the top luxury real estate broker in California. Last year he closed about $100 million in home sells. In the last 3 years, the company grew from an agency of 4 members to 100 active employees.

Tami Pardee, founder of Pardee Properties


She is one of California’s top selling realtor. She graduated from Boston University. Her sales were more than $200 million last year. Pardee Properties have offices in Venice and Santa Monica. She believes that technology has increased the prices of properties in California. She uses technology whenever possible in marketing the client’s properties.

Sacaha Radford, founder of Sacha Radford Properties


She is a top Beverly Hill real estate agent. From villas to luxurious estates, she can guide you through the whole process of buying a property in Beverly Hills. Sacha has in-depth knowledge about the industry. Her service and professionalism is very distinct.

Ron and Susan, founders of Team Rothenberg


Ron Rothenberg graduated from University of California, Berkeley. He held several leadership positions in Fortune 100 telecommunications and data networking companies before moving in to the real estate business. He was a long term investor in various residential and commercial projects. As a result, he understood the market well. Susan also graduated from the University of California. She has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. Together, they make magic! They have excellent reputation for being professional and providing quality service to its customers. They use the best technology to meet the client’s needs.

The top real estate agents in California have few hundred millions in sales every year. They are very successful and if you are ready to spend the money, then you should hire one of these real estate agents to buy your dream home.