California Real Estate Market vs. Texas Market

It seems like more people are moving out of California (as the local economy declines), and moving into the Lone Star State (because their economy is perpetually awesome).

Top 5 Things to Know About Moving to Texas

  1. Tex-Mex: Here in Cali., we have the best Mexican food. I love Robertos burritos. However, in Texas, they don’t actually have Mexican food, they have this atrocity called Tex-Mex…which is “like” Mexican food, only worse.
  2. Texas Houses: You can buy an awesome house in Texas for next to nothing. We just listed 3 Southern Trails Pearland houses for sale, and you could literally buy all three of them for the price of one mediocre 2 bedroom house in San Diego.

Here are a few housing options in Houston Medical Center townhouses (the Med Center is one of Houston’s prestigious neighborhoods…

3. Texans drive everywhere: There is plenty (and I mean plenty) of land available in Texas. They generally build out and not up. This creates sprawling cities with horrible public transportation options. Therefore, Texans drive everywhere.

4. You will see the Texas Flag…everywhere: Texans are freaking fanatical about state pride. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it.

5. Every one in TX is a Realtor. One out of three adults in Houston is a real estate agent. They buy and sell homes over there like we buy and sell clothes.

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