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5 reasons why you should move from California to Texas

5 reasons why you should move from California to Texas

The life in California is busy and expensive. If you are finding it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle in California, then you may move to Texas. Texas offers a much decent lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons why you should move to Texas.

Low living cost

You don’t have to spend much to get a good quality of life in Texas. Food, health care and rents are lower in this region. Gas and electricity are cheap here as well.

We spoke with an estate planning attorney who helps clients with special needs trusts, and it turns out that a lower cost of living can extend your retirements savings out many years. So keep that in mind when you are deciding where to live.

Cheaper real estate

Texas has lots of land. You can buy property at a much cheaper price here compared to the other states. There are some expensive lands; but on average you can get a home for a reasonable price.

Low unemployment

The unemployment rate of Texas is low. Many companies have their offices in Texas and so create more job opportunities. The younger population is more here.

Good schools

Texas has some very good schools. In fact, Texas is renowned for it’s strong education system. They take care of minorities and economically disadvantaged children as well. You can also home-school your children in Texas.

Weak unions

Unlike other states, no one will force you to join unions. You can enjoy your freedom at work. So, you can concentrate on your work instead of joining unions.

Texas is a wonderful place to live in. If you are someone who enjoys freedom, then Texas is the right place for you.



California Real Estate Market vs. Texas Market

It seems like more people are moving out of California (as the local economy declines), and moving into the Lone Star State (because their economy is perpetually awesome).

Top 5 Things to Know About Moving to Texas

  1. Tex-Mex: Here in Cali., we have the best Mexican food. I love Robertos burritos. However, in Texas, they don’t actually have Mexican food, they have this atrocity called Tex-Mex…which is “like” Mexican food, only worse.
  2. Texas Houses: You can buy an awesome house in Texas for next to nothing. We just listed 3 Southern Trails Pearland houses for sale, and you could literally buy all three of them for the price of one mediocre 2 bedroom house in San Diego.

Here are a few housing options in Houston Medical Center townhouses (the Med Center is one of Houston’s prestigious neighborhoods…

3. Texans drive everywhere: There is plenty (and I mean plenty) of land available in Texas. They generally build out and not up. This creates sprawling cities with horrible public transportation options. Therefore, Texans drive everywhere.

4. You will see the Texas Flag…everywhere: Texans are freaking fanatical about state pride. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it.

5. Every one in TX is a Realtor. One out of three adults in Houston is a real estate agent. They buy and sell homes over there like we buy and sell clothes.